conflict and scotch

Love, Marriage, and Divorce  

served on the rocks

I don't like going to the doctor's office for this one reason.

"When Your Blood Pressure Reaches 180/100 Sell"


I was asked to contribute a post for a new site on the Huffington Post "When Men Divorce".  This is what I gave them, about how traditions change after a divorce.  I liked their title better than my own so...

"My Wife Got Christmas in the Divorce"


What I Found at a Yard Sale Sent Me on a Mission

Can you fit a lifetime into three cardboard boxes?


New Post: Halloween and My Fight With a Pirate

What Halloween was like when I was married to Arlene

10 Reasons Why I Will Die Alone

I lived a good life, sort of...

The Day the Ocean Tried to Kill Me

I love the ocean, and I thought the ocean loved me. 

I was wrong.

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The Reason Ice Cream Made Me Cry

I had been to that grocery story hundreds of times, why was this day different?

This Pet Peeve Drives Me Crazy

See what inspired my last cartoon and why it drives me crazy when I see people do this.

My Ex-Wife's Super Power

Much like Liam neeson in 'Taken' my ex-wife has a particular set of skills - unfortunately for me that skill always ends up costing me money

Cartoons and Scotch

I have been drawing cartoons since I copied a face from my sister's notebook when I was in grade school.  I plan on adding cartoons to this site soon so read how I got here...

Huffingtonpost Contribution # 2

Once again asked by Brittany Wong of the huffington post to contribute to an article she wrote about promises that you make to your kids during a divorce - mine is #4

Huffingtonpost Contribution # 1

I was asked by Brittany Wong of the Huffington Post to Contribute to an article she wrote about why there is no such thing as a failed marriage - My contribution is #6 I also submitted a picture (on right) but they didn't use it so thought I'd put it on the picture (we looked so happy - who knew?) to see the article...
On The Good Men Project: We have all been there, trapped in an auditorium or meeting where someone just droned on, oblivious of their surroundings, totally enthralled with the sound of their own voice.  With graduation season upon us I recently had the misfortune to be in that exact situation. It was at my nephew’s graduation that I came face-to-face with ‘the speech that wouldn't die’. 

Fat guy in a little coat

i had to buy a new suit for a wedding and it would only cost me my pride and self-respect 

The Speech that wouldn't die

What was probably the longest commencement speech in history - lucky us

why lying to my doctor is like online dating

On my last doctor's visit I realized how much lying to my doctor is like filling out an online dating profile

love and the drunk dial

Nothing good ever comes from calling someone while drunk at two in the morning - nothing

Welcome to Guest Blogger Marcus Lee

Women always want their men to be Mr. Right. She looks for her knight in shining armor. She wants her man to love her, protect her and pamper her...Can you be her Mr. Right?

Who Gets The Friends in a Divorce?

During a divorce a couple naturally starts the process of dividing their assets - but the big question is:

Who gets the friends in a divorce?

On the Good Men Project: Love and the drunk dial

this is the link to my posts on the good men project - newest post: love and the drunk dial

My Daughter's Career Choices: Journalist, Doctor, or Pet Photographer

I may be the only parent the does not want his kids to become doctors.

How Much for Those Cherished Memories

There are certain things I expected to happen to me as I grew older...but never thought I'd be doing this.

To Hug or Not To Hug

I'm not much for hugging but the rest of my family was going to make sure that changed

Call Waiting for Godot

i though that at least if it looked like I was waiting for someone, I wouldn't appear so suicidal. That's when it hit me.

A scotch a day

I'm going to tell you the worst kept secret in the world - I like to drink...

In the blink of an eye

You want to watch your entire life pass before you in an instant? Just have kids.

the story behind my dating profile Picture

i was one step away from finishing my online dating profile when I realized that I needed the perfect profile picture...

An Actor's Life for me

I experimented with being a thespian once, but that was back in my college days.

Wilderness chick

when I was writing and submitting serious short fiction, or what I would categorize now as 'shit no one wanted to read' I found a champion of my work on the internet.

fiero is Italian for 'this car sucks'

At first it was great. I had a blond-haired girlfriend who drove a red sports car - I was living a Beach Boys song.

What sent shivers down my spine

I loved going to psychics but this one - this one was different

How an earache sent me to the Hospital

I always put off going to the doctor when something was wrong - but this time I waited just a bit too long

A Christmas tradition

Not all traditions need be repeated.

The world's oldest boy band

Before there was the Backstreet Boys and before there was New Kids on the Block there was B.S.O.H.C.  You never heard of B.S.O.H.C.?  read on...

how my ex-wife acts at sporting events

"hey steinbrenner," I shouted into the stand, "shut up!"

tom waits for no man

who was the inspiration behind 'Jersey girl'?

my ex-wife is a Pain-in-the-ass

I say this with all due respect - My ex-wife is a pain-in-the-ass

back to belmar: A thirty year journey

thirty years after my first time down the shore, I went back.

Champagne lady '58

Before I knew the ins-and-outs of online dating I met Champagne Lady '58

born with an expiration date

Everyone is going to die - the difference is I know when

Ex-marks the spot

My ex-wife and I have a very good relationship - this may be one of the reasons

Second eye-blind

I woke up one day and found myself blind in one eye.

Once bitten twice Arrested

Arrested Not once, but twice

don't waste your favorite song on your first wedding

You must remember this - what song will you use for your second wedding?

Let the spark fly

I love old movies, but I think they have ruined my love life.

The rolling stones: time was not on my side

And then on cue,...a barrage of bottles rained down from the sky.

at least I didn't name anyone alfred

i hate my name - i hated my name my entire life.

a very black friday

i know i'm not going to die in a car accident - i just hope God doesn't take that as a challenge.

What rendered me speechless at work

my first day of work, i was soaked to the skin and couldn't speak a word...

Just wrap yourself in plastic and go

For a good time all you needed was a sheet of plastic, a bottle of blackberry brandy, and a snow covered hill.

Turning down money from god

I think God wants me to be rich - He keeps trying to give me money.

speaking of dive bars

this bar wasn't just a hole-in-the-wall it was where the other hole-in-the-wall bars went to get drunk.

skier's walk of shame

I went twenty-seven years without the desire to ski - I should have gone for twenty-eight.

three word key to greater knowledge

these three words will get you through any conversation.

something in the way they move

After my separation I moved four times and I promised myself after that I would always help anyone move.

Reinventing Christmas after a divorce

My first Christmas after my separation I knew was going to be a tough one - so something would have to change.

A rose by any other name

I was now famous in Iceland - or was I?

five-thousand-and-one first dates

With my online dating profile loaded I just had to sit back and wait

the last supper (no, not that one)

my first holiday dinner with my ex-wife's family was like when i was a kid - And then it wasn't...

may divorce be with you

this is the secret to recapture the days of your youth

it's definitely coming down

its was 1979 and we had a house in seaside and the sky was about to fall down on us

ghosts of the jersey shore

with hurricane sandy swirling outside my house i could only think about my time down the jsersey shore

testing the water in the dating pool

online dating-using the culimination of mankind's Acheivement in order to get laid

When you were born you broke the mold - again

Amazing how three children growing up in the same house could be so different


the day i got engaged was like a countdown - but to what?

boots and sparkle

first thing i have to say is that boots and sparkle are not strippers

if it doesn't kill you i'm not trying hard enough

i have been accused of trying to kill my youngest son - but that's probably not true

smoke gets in your eyes

it should have been a quick subway ride from the graduation to the luncheon - should have been

99 bottles of beer on the wall

the drinking contest that sent me to the hospital

how movies ruined my chance for love

movies taught me that when i fell in love i would know it - movies lied

first round's on me

Welcome to conflict and scotch

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